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Do's & Dont's

The visitors security is guaranteed by the Volcanoes National Park who deploy guides armed with dart tranquilizers for back up. Though the goillas are mostly gentle you are advised to follow a set of guiedliness to avoid any confrontation with the gorilla

  • Always avoid staring directly into the gorillas eyes. This make them uncomfortable especially the over protective silverback
  • Hairy men also tend to pose a threat to the dominant silverback so its best advised to cover very long hair or beard
  • Each group is limited to 8 persons and onlt 10 groups are allowed per day
  • You are not allowed to visit the gorillas if you have any communicable disease such as flu or common cold to avoid you transmitiing it to the gorillas
  • You spend no more than hour with th mt. gorillas
  • You must at all times maintain a distance of 7meters or 22 feet from the gorillas especially during the rainy seasons beacause the gorillas seem to be a bit more intoxicated than usual. The The bamboo shoots tend to ferment once ith gorillas belly and more so during the wet seasons
  • Avoid spitting, it is totally prohibited
  • You are also not allowed to caugh directly facing the gorillas. You are advised to keep your mouth covered if pressed to caugh.
  • You are advised not to be loud or agressive in the company of gorillas. Try as much as possible not to raise your voice
  • Sudden Rapid movements are also highly discourage because they tend to freighten the gorillas.
  • In the rare case a gorilla should charge, avoid direct sight, stand still and wait for your guides directions.
  • Light showers are usually expected and it is generally cold particularly in the evening hence pack appropriate warm clothes.
  • You skin should be fully covere at all times to avoid stings so its best you put on trouses and full sleeved shirts.
  • Hiking or wellington boots are a must and i case you dont park your own like most gorilla trekking gear there are rentals available right at the park.
  • Please refrain from using yor flash as you take pictures because it aggitates gorillas Porters are available in the park to either assist in carrying your packs or to assist the very old in their trek.