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hiking mt. bisoke at the volcanoes national park

Hiking the Volcanoes

Their are 8 volcanoe mountains in the Virunga massif that span across the border of Rwanda, Uganda and the D.R. Congo covering an area of 8000 sq Km. Of the five volcanoes that are found in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park only mt. kalisimbi and mt. Bisoke are hiked to the very peak. Their are five different hiking trails catering for different physical requirements and interests namely mt Kalisimbi hike, Dian Fossy memorial hike, Mt. Bisoke hike, Twin lakes hike and Musanze Caving.

First Section

The Mt. Kalisimbi Hike is the most demanding as its the heighest of all the eight Volcanoes in the massif and its the only one that takes two days to hike. Mt. Kalisimbi hikers are rewarded by a spectacular aerial view of all the other volcanoes some with crater lakes at the very peak.

Second Section

The Mt. Bisoke Hike takes roughly 6hrs to get to the crater lake peak and this makes it the most frequented summit. The most popular hike in the park is the Diann fossey hike named after the late Dian Fossey who fought and rescued the mountain gorillas from their sure extinction at the cost of her own life. This eye opening and inspirational hike leads to her tomb at an elevation 3,000m and it is higly recommended for conservation enthusiasts.

Third Section

The Twin Lakes Hike is the simplest of the four and the trail leads you to a point where you have the best view of the two almost intersecting lakes in a relaxed atmosphere ideal for a picnic.

Hiking is not only an upwards activiy in the massif. You can choose to hike downwards through the the enormous openings of the Musanze Caves which were formed by centuries old eruptions of these volcanoes. These caves have stairs and walk ways that facilitate your movement through different channels. Bat roosts are a significant feature of the caves, as are massive roof openings that form many patterns of light spectrum beams.