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gorilla trekking in rwanda

Gorilla Tracking in Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla tracking is rwanda's signature tour and no tour of Rwanda is complete without visiting mountain gorillas.It is more than just the thrilling experience of being in proximity with these magnificent apes but its also about the picturesque environment, vibrant culture and the sureal timeless atmosphere of the Volcanoes National Park.

The trek begins as you ascend to the mountain gorilla’s natural environments. The shadowy bamboo forest provides breathtaking vistas, prior to the trackers being engulfed in the mysterious intimacy of the rainforest. The forest is brought to life with the sound of radiant birds and the noise of the equally uncommon golden monkeys. For nature enthusiasts the environment adds to the unforgatable gorilla safari experience.

Tracking gorillas takes between 1-4 hours depending on the gorilla group you are visiting. You finally encounter the majestic silverback mountain gorilla and what a sight it is to behold, twice or thrice your size, yet conspicuously amicable and permisive of visitors.

The Volcanoes National Park has lifted the daily quota 80 to 96 persons as 2 new groups of gorillas formed recently. The number of visitors gorilla trekking in rwanda is limited so as to uphold the current conservation policies

Tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda entails booking a gorilla permit beforehand. Gorilla permits in Rwanda cost US dollars 1500 per person and this offers you one hour in the company of the mountain gorillas excluding the trekking time.

Accommodations for both luxury and budget tourists are available as well as transportation and can also be reserved while booking your Gorilla tracking permit.

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